The Secret to Eternal Youth.

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I was chatting with a friend the other day. She is in her late forties and, having a low moment regarding her appearance, was for the first time in her life, considering having some ‘work’ done. She was toying with the idea of having a facelift which, according to the cosmetic surgeon who was about relieve her of six grand, will take ‘years of her’. 

Raises eyebrow suspiciously. 

I should, at this stage, mention that I am not against self improvement, having had my life improved significantly with teeth veneers (yes really, investing in some decent dentistry after a childhood of rubbish teeth really had an impact on my confidence) boosting my boobs a few sizes post breast feeding for 6 months, turning them from two wholemeal pitta breads on my chest to a pair of firm and satisfactorily ripe melons, and indulging in the occasional bit of Botox. A treatment, I believe that gets a rather overrated press but which is something that, in moderation, irons out pesky deep lines and attracts regular ‘Oh, don’t you look well!’ comments.

In short, I am all for employing the skills of a cosmic surgeon or dentist to assist me to be the best possible version of myself that I can and I believe one should do what ever one wants, if it goes towards improved confidence and self satisfaction. The naysayers will call it cheating, but cheating who I wonder? The friend of a friend you meet at a dinner party who cant believe you are the age you are. Jeez, I bet they’ll be pissed when they find out you’ve had help, ‘Botox!! She lied!! She cheated!! Catch her, flog her, dye her hair grey and tattoo ‘nearly 40′ on her forehead!! Nobody is cheating. If it is your decision to have beauty procedures to help you feel confident and attractive, to hell with people, crack on. 

The issue is this however – having it done to look better not younger. Do it for this and you won’t be disappointed, do it because you’re pushing fifty and want to look thirty-three again and you’re in trouble. 

Surgery can improve your appearance, you only have to look at A list celebrities, not one of them without a little nip and tweak I would suspect, to see that, done properly (and in moderation) a bit of Botox goes a long way. A facelift to ‘take 10 years off you’ however will not make you look younger it will make you look a little better at best, or at worst like a reptile wearing lipstick. What would you rather be? An amazing version of yourself or an 18 year old lizard? 

When considering surgery the secret to looking hot is not pinning your face back in a poor attempt to look twenty-two when you’re six years off getting your free bus pass but being the best in your group. In other words, you’re in your fifties? great, be a hot fifty year old … the aim is for people to say ‘Wow, you look good for fifty!’ not, ‘Shit man, is that chick a twelve year old with age spots on her hands and a neck like a turkey or eighty with shit too much work done?’ Too much work, or bad work, won’t make you look younger it will make you look ageless. That is too say between the spectrum of about 40 years … similar to that of a methhead, which unless you are big fan of heroine chic, as in you have a genuine £400 a day habit, is never a good look.  

So yes, have a tweak if you want to, skin peels, Botox, hell, have your ears pinned back if they’ve bothered you all your life, but stapling your chin to your earlobe to skim off the years?

Honey, it ain’t going to happen. 

As a footnote, I should add, that a lip augmentation, will not only make you look old and plastic, it will also make you look like you’ve just done 5 rounds in a ring with Mick Tyson. However, saying that you’ll be buoyant enough to float to Calais which will save you a fortune on the Eurostar, every cloud and all the jazz. 
katyThe Secret to Eternal Youth.

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