The Moral of The Story …

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In a Wuhan seafood market,
Is where the nasty virus started.
It started quite small in a snake or a bat
Or the feast of an under-cooked chow mein fried cat.
And before the world knew it the virus it spread
It infected the globe and wanted everyone dead!
From Hong Kong to Sydney, from Rome to Sudan,
Corona was spreading from man onto man.
Wash you hands carefully, so we were told,
And sing Happy Birthday no matter how old.
We couldn’t behave,
People went to the park,
The Brits found it funny, all a bit of a lark.
So Boris got angry, ‘we must work together!’
Stay in your houses, else we’ll regret this forever.
London was scared – no more pubs? No more boozing?
Is life worth living when its this we are losing!
Selfridges closed and the high street was silent
But Aldi’s was thriving – the frozen section quite violent
People were desperate for rice and bog roll
The sudden need for Pot Noodle soon taking its toll.
Celebs got involved, with their recovery stories,
And clapped for the doctors with no funds from the Tories.
Prince Charlie got ill, and then Boris did too
And with still no pubs open, what are we to do!
We’re told to use Facetime, have parties on Zoom
With only immediate family per room.
Chat from a distance, have meetings from far,
You’ll soon climatize to life with no bar.
So for now, we’re on lock down – with no fun to be had
But be rest assured, in 6 months you’ll be glad.
We’ll have missed the summer,
Kissed goodbye to the sun,
But hey we have Netflix, such entertainment, such fun!
There’s knitting and baking and puzzles to play,
But locked behind doors is where you must stay.
And as the world hides, shuts down till September,
There’s a moral to share and one to remember …
Never eat cats, or dead dogs with fried rice
The results will be global (and not very nice)
But for now we’re at home to reflect and to think
Until we’re let the fuck out for a fucking good drink!

katyThe Moral of The Story …

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