Friends with Benefits.

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I am thrilled to introduce David to my blog, who is here to give us an insightful view into the mind of a single man. Think your friendships are platonic? You might want to think again … 

 I am 40 & Single.

I have been single for a while now, well over a year, I must be approaching something of an expert on Singleness. If I were an expert building surveyor I would be a member of the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyor’s – Why is there no professional body for my expertise in Singleness?
I get lots of time to think being single, it’s either that or wanking, and frankly it gets sore sometimes, so sometimes I think rather than wank, or is it the other way round?
My circle of friend’s is a lot bigger than it used to be & I have lots of friends who are girls. They are just friend’s that happen to be girls rather than lovers or friends with benefits though. Someone asked me this…
Can men just be friends with a girl without diving into her knickers the first moment they get?
The short answer to this is – resoundingly – no – never.
Women have a greater sense of balance in their world, if you don’t understand why, read my Blog on Boy’s are Stupid. Men are not always in charge of their actions and should not be blamed for their utter stupidity. They follow orders, orders given by….
the Little General.
The Little General is a man’s cock. Men, like all good soldiers, follow orders. If the Little General says charge – then that is what soldiers do. Sometimes following orders is not healthy and can prove fatal, particularly if the Soldier belongs to Married Company. Little Generals orders and Married Company policy are often very conflicting. The two are the cause of much confusion for the average Soldier. Many Married Company members move into covert operations for exactly this reason. The smart man though….
gives the Little General a dishonourable discharge
A dishonourable discharge will indeed put the Little General in his place and enable the good soldier to focus his mind on normal things, pleasant company for one. But herein lies the problem for the Girl-friend keeping soldier. The Little General is promoted through the ranks faster than the speed of light. One minute the Little General is given a dishonourable discharge (read wank) and gets demoted from giving the orders, then the next minute he is back trying to get his own way again. If that happens at the wrong moment, with a willing partner….
off come her draws and the General cries ‘Charge’.
The difficulty is this – most men do not understand that the testosterone filled little fucking General is the one giving the orders. Then there are far too many women who don’t realise that men, ultimately, are ruled by their cocks.
Lets throw all this into a mixture. Into the mixing pot goes….
Little General, soldier & girl-freind.
Lets add a dash of drink, perhaps one dash too many. Mix that up. Now lets throw in some opportunity and perhaps a dab of vulnerability. What do we have?…..
Headboard banging against the wall as girl-freind meets the charging little general.
You might think different – it’s just my thoughts – who am I to say? There is no professional body of Singleness.
I must get on with my wanking now.

Check out David’s brilliant blog -  or follow him on twitter @321Bin  for more witty banter and single man musings!  
katyFriends with Benefits.

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