I Kissed a Girl.

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Girls? Kissing? Girls kissing? Look no further than this brilliant guest post for interesting views and opinions on the subject, oh and there's a bit of groin stroking too, not that you're interested in that part of course ...

'I kissed a girl and I liked it' warbled young songstress Katy Perry and I have to say I agree with her sentiment entirely. Girls are soft and tender and kissing them is like gently tickling your face with a feather. Smooth, petite and soft. Not unlike me (ahem).

Which got me thinking about a recent conversation with a girl friend - we were discussing the number of times that our nights out, days in, afternoons together ended up with snogging. Admit it - most girls have kissed another girl - whether that be to titillate their male friends or just because it's fun and it's a way of saying "god I think you're cool - let's swap saliva to prove how much we get on" There are also the nights that end up with being in bed with each other and a certain amount of stroking, touching, kissing and fisting goes on. Just me? Oh.

I've been watching series 2 of BBC3's excellent drama Lip Service and I fancy them all. Every single girl in that lesbian romp I fancy. I'm not even gay but that Frankie.....phwoooarrr. And I think it's because when you watch the sex scenes there is a gentle passion mixed in with an animal desire that shows honed limbs entwined round each other, soft mouths doing OHMYGOD things down below and an overwhelming beauty about it all. Even when they're 'fucking' (I use that term loosely as I fail to see how two girls can fuck - prove me wrong - you have my number....) there's a wonderful togetherness about it. A shared understanding of how bodies work and how both the girls like to be touched. I'm sure there are lots of lesbians who are incompatible in bed but it's a good start knowing how the other person's bits are put together that gives intimacy a good chance of working.

But - and it's a big but - when did you ever see your straight male friends indulging in a little slap and tickle? Exactly. Never, I'll be bound. Because they just don't do the 'we're really good friends' in the same way that we do. Yes there may be lots of male bonding over football, beer, birds, tits and whether Carol Vordermann is a filth bucket in bed but that's as far as it goes. Some chaps hug each other, most chaps shake hands and some punch each other on the shoulder. But they never ever kiss. Or grab each other's hair and snog until neither can breathe. Or casually stroke each other's groins. Never ever ever. Unless they're gay obviously. Which I think is a shame because a) two men together is hawt and b) they're missing out. Do they think it might diminish their masculinity or do they really not fancy each other at all and are in no way intrigued to see what it might be like to engage in tonsil tennis with each other?

As I stood on a street corner in Soho just the other day, wistfully watching the departing figure of a girl who I might have just snogged, I was joined by a rather lovely Belgian boy. And I say boy in that he was in his 20s and had a youthful exuberance about him that made me think of an over-excited Labrador puppy. He bounded up to me, exchanging pleasantries, before we started talking about Soho and all the delights this little corner of London holds. He explained that he and his friends had a fluid sexuality, that they didn't like to label each other particularly and that if it felt good, it was good. I was intrigued by his openness and his willingness to share his perspective on this topic (unbidden by me I hasten to add). He then said he was totally straight. As I left him, I wondered whether his liberal approach was all down to the fact he had grown up in a country famous only really for beer, moules and frites so entertainment had to be found somewhere else. But it also made me think that maybe all the blokes I know are too uptight and it's time to find some cooler friends.

Blokes of the world - unite and snog (and send me the photos)


katyI Kissed a Girl.

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