Getting Lovestruck.

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I’m thrilled to welcome Brett Harding to my blog, Managing Director and Co-founder of the fantastic online dating site Lovestruck What this man doesn’t know about dating nobody does, and he’s here to give us some first date tips … notepads at the ready! 

 Tips To Ensure Your First Date Goes Smoothly 

First dates are nerve-wracking for everybody. Thankfully, conducted a survey to find out what men really look for. Follow these tips to maximise your chances on your first date!

Make Plans for Lunch or Coffee.

Dinner dates can be fun, but they are a major commitment in terms of time and money. If there’s no chemistry, you’re in for a long three hours! 75% of respondents could tell if there was a spark after just thirty minutes, so it’s okay to plan for a shorter meeting. You can always extend the date if you’re having a good time.

Let Him Pay.

It turns out that chivalry isn’t dead – 81% of respondents think men should pay for the first date. However, it wasn’t the men who wanted women to pitch in: women were three times more likely than men to suggest going dutch. Most men expect to pay for the first date, so save arguing over the bill for later in the relationship.

Make a Good First Impression.

We all know that men are visual creatures. Men were three times more likely than women to find a good face essential, and five times as likely to look for a gorgeous body. First impressions are lasting impressions, so it’s a good idea to put a little extra effort into your appearance for your date.

Avoid These Deal Breakers.

Bad hygiene – Bad breath and body odour are not attractive on anybody.
Rudeness – Rude behaviour is off-putting and makes your date uncomfortable around you. It also reflects poorly on your character.
Nose picking – I hope I don’t have to explain why this is a turn off!
Constant phone checking – This tells your date that they aren’t important or interesting. Your texts can wait until after you’ve said goodbye.

Postpone Sleeping Together Until the Third Date.

62% of responders expect to get together on the third date, so don’t feel pressured after just one date. And don’t be afraid to wait even longer – the key is to wait until you feel comfortable.

Let Him Down Gently.

For most people, a text or a face-to-face conversation are acceptable ways to convey disinterest. The cold shoulder may be tempting if you want to avoid confrontation but it’s disrespectful to your date’s feelings.

Hopefully these tips have helped you improve your dating life and remember, dating should be fun! Relax and have a good time.

Fancy some more dating tips from the man in the know? Look no further, dating tips or for a delicious selection of some *very* hot singles why not head over to Lovestruck … you’ll be spoilt for choice!

katyGetting Lovestruck.

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