All Sweetness and Life is an award winning blog with a huge following. Over the years it has earned a reputation as the go to blog when it comes to all subjects sex and relationship related.

Are you looking for a fresh take, and an intelligent opinion on the subject? Want somebody who knows their stuff and tells it like it is to contribute to your magazine, blog, e-zine or website?

Katy’s work is open and honest, and looks at the dating world from a ‘front line perspective.’ There is no subject too big, small or taboo that Katy can’t find a humorous and insightful angle on and, despite the title, there is nothing in her blog which is sugar coated! If you want a refreshing intelligent take on any subject within the realms of sex, dating and relationships, you’ve come to the right place.

Besides her blog, Katy runs a successful London based dating agency and writes for The Huffington Post, along with a number of other well respected sites including WeLove Dates, Kelly Seal, The Urban Dater & Toyboy Warehouse.

Katy is available to write on all subjects relating to sex, dating and relationships. Please email if you are interested in commissioning Katy to write a piece for your publication. Contact: or 07956 881310.

For Radio or Television inquires please contact:

katyCommission Me

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